Our methodology is based on the assessment of business enablers. 

Our quality management services span across all the primary enablers of business from business policies, technology, business operations, data to human capital and organizational culture. These assessment services are intended to support business leader’s decision-making process in implementing new changes towards operational excellence and profit increase. Whether you need testing services for an existing solution in your company or a new software package, or an overall software evaluation study to compare against several options, we analyze everything;

  1. Help define complete comprehensive selection and evaluation criteria for system planned for acquisition.
  2. Test and Evaluate Information Systems Quality.
  3. Diagnose Performance, Productivity and Code Optimization for existing systems.

Our Testing Services Include:

Test plans and Test strategies formulations.
Test Cases Preparation.
Definition of Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria
Functional Testing
Performance & Load Testing
End-to-End Systems Integration Testing
Usability, Supportability and Compatibility Testing
Business Interoperability Testing
Regulatory Conformance Testing
Data Integrity and Consistency Testing
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Code Review Services

Part of our Software Quality management services is software quality and code review.

These assessment services are intended to support business leaders decisions regarding the right approach to fix, optimize or replace these applications. Our Code Review component of the Software Quality Assessment service will address the following aspects of the project’s source code:

Functionality Review

Compliance to common coding practices for the programming languages in use.

Maintainability, which includes, but is not limited to:


Comments and Inline documentation

Code Complexity



In addition, the proposed service will cover in-depth review of the software development processes and an assessment for their maturity and suitability to serve the business needs.

code review of quality management services

Functional Software Testing

We cover full functionality testing for an existing solution deployed and operable in your company or a newly acquired software package, our functional testing covers;

Your business needs,
User Scenarios.
Our lead testing engineers are ISTQB certified with extensive experience in software solutions productivity and quality assessment. We will use a blend of manual and automated testing, helping you through UAT and BAT.

We reserve the right to accept only projects where there is sufficient documentation available or we provide reverse engineering add-on services to allow for quality validation.

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Integration Testing

In most industries, the completion of the full business cycle will span across multiple systems and sub-systems; whether within a single organizations or across multiple organizations. Integration testing across multiple involved parties can be a very time consuming project and highly prone to delays and misinterpretations. Our Integration analysts are well trained for effective end-to-end integration testing planning, management ensuring coverage of all business and technical integration scenarios and prompt status reporting.
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