Author: Business Borderlines

When To Walk Away

While many are still trapped in the traditional view of business analysis as the documentation job in the organization, the world moves rapidly towards a much bolder model, beyond an Agent of Change and closer to a Disruption Leader. We the business analysts, management consultants or advisers (despite the different labels) are in essence the igniters of disruption within the organization. Some will appreciate our fresh views while others will dread it.

Why Software Projects Fail?

With your successful business growing, there is never enough time for certain seemingly non-urgent yet crucial improvements. As an executive leader, you need visibility, accessibility, agility and control of your business enablers; business policies, business processes, data assets and technology.

Controlling the Devil

It is very easy and a great relief to assume that a couple of hours meeting with your solution vendor is sufficient to understand and agree about your requirements. Mislead by that notion decision makers proceed with contracting.

IIBA Business Analysis Awareness Event in Egypt 2016

Business Borderlines sponsored its first business analysis awareness event on 31st of January 2016. The event was requested and organized through the IIBA Cairo Chapter President. The guest panel speakers; Badr Soliman, Ahmed Hussien and Moderated by Angie Eissa.

Rocket Science Aside

What brings me here today is Business Performance Improvement. One of those seemingly complex topics especially when organizations are of a considerably large size.