In order to produce successful software solutions, the best approach is to engage business analysis – prior to start – for narrowing the undistinguishable and critical tab between business and technical communities. Software solutions success relies heavily on strategic association between the what business leaders, customers’ needs and what the technical communities build; this is primarily achieved through clear requirements.

Business Borderlines is the home of business analysis experts with extensive experience not only in business analysis, but also in software solutions development and delivery, Business Borderlines’ Analysis Services helps companies address such pivotal matters such as clearly defining, and scoping a business solution, developing and engineering an efficient set of requirements allowing for effective deployment. We are not a software development company; we do not physically develop software but we cover every other aspect of the software development lifecycle ensuring that development is easily outsourced or assigned to your in-house developers worldwide to have its own Business Analysis Office. Many of our Business Analysts are CCBA, CBAP, CPRE, and PBA certified. We serve as a liaison between the business community and the technical solution providers throughout the entire business solution lifecycle, from strategic planning, delivery of a new solution to operations, implementation and to maintenance.

Our Business Analysis service is based on the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) standards and is also aligned with Agile, Rapid Application Development, iterative methodologies.

The requirements development process is typically composed of activities including: solution scoping, context definition as well as requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, specification, documentation and validation.

We work closely with business communities and subject matter experts to elicit their business needs and requirements, document and validate requirements in close collaboration. Our Business Analysis services provide a pragmatic interface between your business and IT teams across the full project development lifecycle.

Our business analysts are empowering companies define the optimal solution for their business needs, considering the necessary refinements to the business itself.

Our business analysts will also partially operate in an on-site mode, in order to fully absorb the dynamics or your business and ensure the process of defining requirements and establishing a shared vision of the solution among all stakeholders is efficient, on time and cost effective. Because we deeply understand that specialization is a key success factor, we only work in particular industries Retail, Manufacturing, Financial services and Insurance, using RUP and UML methodologies.

What do we do ?

  • Understanding, documenting, analysis and validation of business needs and requirements
  • Capture, Review, Analysis, Definition and refinement of business processes and workflows.
  • Formulation of Business Policies and Business Rules within your business processes, deployed software applications, used forms and templates.
  • Identify and analyze solutions to meet business objectives.
  • Recommendation of process architectures and designs
  • Assessing Proposed solutions and Existing solutions evaluation.
  • Assistance in the design, development and deployment processes.
  • Acceptance Criteria Formulation, test plans design, Test cases reviews.
  • Workshop facilitation.