Business Analysis Services

It is pivotal for mature organizations to separate the definers from the makers of their Information Systems for optimum quality. Our team of qualified business analysis experts will elicit the business needs and requirements through a wide set of elicitation techniques, manage, model, document and effectively communicate your requirements across the organization addressing the needs of each audience group. Our work starts with your business ideas up to successful launch of a cost-effective solution.

Business Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia and Egypt
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Software Assessment & Productivity Improvement 

We will work with you on your most critical projects and deliver “complete software requirements specifications” for your development team to start immediately. We are keen on maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients to ensure sustaining the level of quality you aspire to.

Establishing Business Analysis CoE 

We will ensure your hired business analysts are carefully selected and qualified for the job nature they are hired for. Only a Business Analysis Expert can assess another business analyst. We will provide you with resumes for pre-assessed business, systems, data and process analysts who have been engaged with us in a series of vital BA kills assessment.  We work with your Human Resources Division to prepare the business analysis job description, required qualifications, previous experience. We will empower your Human Resources with entry assessment exams and interview questions to dig down into the business analysis candidates of your choice. We also develop the career development roadmap for business analysts at your organization and provide you with market studies on the salary ranges for each level.

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Quality & Testing  Services 

We believe that a skill like analysis cannot be acquired through only classroom training. So, we offer coaching your team members on actual projects. During the coaching period, your team learns to apply the appropriate techniques under the supervision of an expert. We aim at enhancing your team performance by working on three dimensions: knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Operational Improvement

Business Rules, Policies and Processes become intertwined, overlapped and conflicted as businesses expand. And with continuously demanding day-to-day responsibilities, organizations are bound to quickly solve the apparent symptoms and not the root causes. Our network of highly experienced certified process analysts will work with you on your most problematic departments, processes and provide feasible improvement recommendations. We work with your teams through observation and shadowing without interrupting their daily work. Our recommendations combine best practices and readiness of your organization to effectively deploy.

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Change Management

Despite of the size of any change, most change initiatives within an organization consume longer than needed to implement. Changes are a deviation from the organization norms and encounter resistance on conscious and subconscious levels. Our Change Management Committee of our BA domain experts and selected change agents from your organization will work on both predictive and adaptive approaches for managing your change initiatives from idea to execution.  We will ensure that standardized methods and procedures are in place for efficient and prompt handling of all change aspects, in order to;

  • ensure common understating of the change itself and its implications.
  • minimize the impact of the change,
  • increase organizational adoption of the change,
  • reduce resistance raised from ambiguities folded in most large scale change initiatives.

Corporate & Public Training 

We run seminars and work on one-to-one level to educate your organization’s management, technical teams, and project managers about the Requirements Engineering discipline and what to expect from analysts.

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