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We are the home of Business Analysis Experts; with tens of BA gurus, we proudly present a unique set of Business Analysis Services in Saudi Arabia & Egypt, which will invert the foundations of your business weakness into key success pillars.

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Value Proposition

For Short-term Projects and business initiatives, there is no need for permanent hires.
Use our expertise in a pay as you go mode to cover the skills gaps in your teams and transfer those skills Knowledge Transfer of Business Analysis Skills and latest trends.
Higher quality analysis and design provide for better solutions We do not cover all industries, we are particularly specialized and armed with the knowledge of particular industries and business domains, including Banking, Financial, electronic payments and Insurance sectors.

Requirements Engineering

In order to produce successful software solutions, the best approach is to engage business analysis -prior to starting – for narrowing the undistinguishable and critical tab between business and technical communities.
Software solutions success relies heavily on a strategic association between the what business leaders, customers’ needs and what the technical communities build; this is primarily achieved through clear requirements.
We serve as a liaison between the business community and the technical solution providers throughout the entire business solution lifecycle, from strategic planning, delivery of a new solution to operations, implementation and to maintenance. Our Business Analysis services are based on the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) standards and are also aligned with Agile, Rapid Application Development, iterative methodologies.

Software Selection & Evaluation

Evaluating and selecting new enterprise system is a challenge Organizations face whenever there is a need to adopt a new solution or add more functions to the existing solutions and have become more and more difficult. The underlying technologies are changing. Some systems look good on the surface but may not be the best fit for a specific industry. Others may not provide flexibility for the future. Still others may be overkill for small and midsize businesses. Vendor viability, software reliability, and ease of implementation must also be considered. We take the time to get to know your organization, understand your operational model, get to know your people and find the right fit for your organization.

Reverse Engineering

  •  Is your business dependent on a legacy software system for which you no control?

  • Was it built in-house by staff who have left long ago? Are you struggling to make changes?

  • Are you planning to upgrade to a ready-made software solution and dread shifting from your reliable old software applications? 

  • Have you jumped to code and across years of operating, you have lost no recollection of the business logic and business rules encapsulated in your applications?

When your business is growing, the expansion requires synchronized technological control and efficiency to pave the way for streamlined business operations, to empower your organization to adapt to changing market demands. If your business suffering from an old legacy software application which encapsulates years of accumulated business knowledge but starts to become an obstacle to your growth, slowing down your operation? Or the makers of your software application are out of business and even with a source code you still feel handcuffed?

We reverse engineer your code into clear business and software documentation allowing for further customizations, efficient support and a streamlined operational cycle.

We will reverse those thousands of lines of code and that multi-hundreds tables database into readable clear business requirements and software requirements specifications easily understood by senior executives, project managers, business analysts, product managers, development, testing, support teams, your vendors or business partnering systems.

Our successful Methodology as business analyst Saudi Arabia & Egypt Business Borderlines experimented RE methodology

We use the latest and most advanced RE Tools to convert your unreadable maze into business treasure. We will not only deliver models and diagrams converted automatically by the reverse engineering tools, that you can do yourself! But you will still spend months hindering your business progress to understand the business policies, branching logic, processing, validation controls and flows portrayed within these models. We deconstruct and interpret these diagrams and generate a fully comprehensive set of requirements documents … We have helped large financial organizations in Egypt convert their obsolete (to-be-replaced) software into Architecture Diagrams, Business Requirements, Business Process Models and Software Specifications.

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