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What makes an organization? It’s Products, services or solutions and the business processes and inherent knowledge across the organization. These business processes burry within them invisible deficiencies, rework, overlapped tasks, bottlenecks, data looseness, turbidity, ambiguity or redundancy. Business Process Improvement starts with a close inside look at your operation and They can also involve various departments and specialists in completing tasks and activities, making decisions, filling out forms, filing and retrieving information. Business Processes usually involve various departments spanning across your entire organization with tens of tasks and activities, decision making reusable forms, data and reliance on existing information retrieval. They may also involve complex, interrelated, interdependent parallel and serial activities.

As organizations expand and grow, these business processes are not the same as the initial processes you have designed to start with, those involved will make changes, workarounds, redundant activities, skip critical business rules and bypass policies. To ensure a smooth business growth, your business processes must be captured, analyzed, refined along with the organizational changes. Failing to adopt the business processes of your organization will cause a significant decline in performance in each task, or activity which builds up and accumulates invisible to the naked eye and with time it will affect the organization as a whole.

Quick fixes such as increasing resources or manually instructing your staff on how to handle deviations and changes will work only once, twice but eventually makes the situation much worse. For a sustainable growth, your tightly clustered business processes must be refined progressively and once proven to reach maximum optimization, we will with your consultation recommend our next business processes area for analysis and re-engineering.

Business Process Improvement Services Definition

We are the home of Business Analysis Experts; with tens of BA gurus, we proudly present a very unique set of BA service which will invert the foundations of your business weakness into key success pillars. Value Proposition

For Short-term Projects and business initiatives, there is no need for permanent hires.

Use our expertise in a pay as you go mode to cover the skills gaps in your teams and transfer those skills

Knowledge Transfer of Business Analysis Skills and latest trends.

Higher quality analysis and design provides for better solutions

We do not cover all industries, we are particularly specialized and armed with the knowledge of particular industries and business domains, including Banking, Financial, electronic payments and Insurance sectors.

Business Process Analysis

We start through a standard one to three weeks’ discovery and elicitation stage is a defined stage for the entire organization.
It begins with a holistic view of the operation, then systematic drill down of each business domain. The objective of this short interval is Define Business Goals, Needs & Constraints. Business Borderlines BPA professionals will work closely with senior management executives, business owners and department heads on the identification of problems of the current phase.
Involvement of both higher management as well as operational is essential for a simulated reflection of the current state and pinpointing of weaknesses. Based on the elicited, gathered workflow and data, we will model and document the as-is process in details.

Business Process Reengineering

During this phase we will use the Business Process Analysis Results;

  •  Identify the operational flaws, bottlenecks, deficiencies and investigate and analyze root causes.

  • Apply Six Sigma, Lean Thinking Methodology.

  •  Scan and examine business flow specifics across our own Performance decline index Criteria.

  • Directly stated problems elicited during the discovery stage or by examination of the current state.

And will extract the abstract business policies, governance compliance regulations, business rules and re-engineer the business model, flow and interaction for best fit of the corporate culture and environmental factors.

Organizational Restructure

Part of our business process improvement services is the Organizational Restructure Recommendations Report, complemented with named incumbent Job Roles detailed job descriptions and responsibilities. A Responsibility Assignment Matrix will be prepared to allocate the clear responsibilities of staff across the operational business cycle.


The consultancy crew will suggest and agree with Client on a number of KPIs; General Company Performance KPIs and Business Domain Specific KPIs which will be gathered and measured prior to the improvement efforts during the Business Process Analysis Phases. And Same Metrics and KPIs shall be recollected and recalculated after the progressive improvements of each business domain. to easily detect -in the future- weakness or deteriorating operational processed in order to take prompt corrective action before cascaded effects of the overall business operational cycle. Some of our proposed key performance indicators may not be measurable in the current state of the business due to the unavailability of historical data. In the event historical data is present even if disparate across excel files, manual order forms. Business Borderlines will gather samples or all these records for restructuring and reusability. One of the most vital stages in the business transformation project is working hand-in-hand within the organization to apply the reengineered improved business processes. Our practical guidance and application of the changes will facilitate and fasten adoption by organizations. It shall also allow for monitoring of the evolving and growing adaptation methods, techniques and workarounds by staff, leveraging a long-term perspective on the business optimization and growth strategy in our conclusive closure report.

This milestone is skipped and compensated for with qualitative measures only.

  1. Control plan

  2. Process standardization and documentation

  3. Train & implement at process level

  4. Process monitoring

  5. Pre control

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