Software Assessment & Selection

Why do new companies continue to build ERP Solutions and the success rate of implementation is deteriorating?!

Perhaps because the failure is hard to predict, define and to prove. Perhaps because failure is usually the perspective of the implementing organization but not necessarily the solution providers Viewpoint on the same situation. Does it startle you that in 2017 with Digital Disruption of Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing sweeping off the software industry and we still experience on a global scale, a failure or challenged projects rate approximately 60-ERP makers and Implementers have undergone decades of building experience, knowledge acumen with thousands of implementations yet something still goes wrong or rather unnoticed.

Controlling the Devil

It is very easy and a great relief to assume that a couple of hours meeting with your solution vendor is sufficient to understand and agree about your requirements. Mislead by that notion decision makers proceed with contracting.