As a player in the retail and FMCG market, the key to unlocking your sales potential is understanding the consumer’s purchasing patterns, addressing the challenges they face, forecasting their needs and insuring that you avail the right product at the right time. Our services for the retail & FMCGs industry cover two main aspects of the retail business.

Our first group of services revolve around insuring you achieve the most value out of your data assets by analyzing your historical data, extracting consumer purchasing patterns, predicting their needs and behavior in the short and long term and anticipating changes in these needs and behaviors.

Our second group of services focus on streamlining the supply chain and guaranteeing that your operation is able to meet the customer’s demand with the highest efficiency, least cost and shortest cash flow cycle possible. Also, with the world becoming globally connected, online shopping capabilities are limitless in particular with dynamically evolving fast and secured online payment methods. Our professional services provide a wide spectrum of intelligent solutions to increase the conversion rates for merchants by incorporating user-driven behavioral insights.


“We have found the quality &project management team at Business Borderlines a very committed team to work with and it has surely saved us time and money, ensuring stakeholders satisfaction and enhanced solution quality, and we continue contract Business Borderlines on our similar or new projects”
Mohamed Saad
Head of Operation