Over the past few years, the changes witnessed by the tourism industry is nothing short of revolutionary. The advent of bed-banks, flight-banks, online distribution, new technologies and many other innovations is changing the face of the industry. These innovations are continuously changing the value proposition of the various players in the industry, resulting in major disruptions to the industry’s classical value chain. Businesses are required to continuously adapt to these changes by redefining their business models and coming up with original ideas to strengthen their value proposition with the help of hospitality business consulting. As the industry continues to rely more and more on information technology, achieving such business agility can only be achieved by having a powerful and flexible information technology infrastructure.

Business Borderlines supports the various businesses in the tourism & hospitality industry in addressing these challenges and achieving their business objectives. Our travel business services insure these businesses build their information technology infrastructure in light of a solid enterprise architecture that defines the information technology road-map and aligns information technology acquisitions with the business’ strategic objectives. We work with our customers, hand-in-hand from defining the target enterprise architecture to planning information technology solution acquisitions to supporting the actual acquisition and implementation activities to maximize the value they achieve from their information technology expenditure.

“Your quick comprehension of what we explain is notable and we are impressed in many cases where you had to connect the dots and create the logic behind everything and your communication with us was clear (not complicated or too technical), simplified and professional, we really appreciate that
Flexible timing and in general the business relationship, which gives us confidence in moving forward with you”
Hassan Sadek
Head of Product