Sales Manager

Posted 4 years ago

Responsibilities Pertaining to Marketing Communications

  • Assisting Marketers in the Presentation and Delivery of Corporate Messaging.
  • Assist Marketers Responsible for Corporate Identity – Branding and themes
  • Identification of Marketing Channels with highest conversion rates based on the market, industry, services provided and using Marketing Channels for Corporate Messaging Delivery
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of selected corporate marketing channels.

Responsibilities Pertaining to Sales & Account Management

  • Responsible for defining the solution (our offerings in relation to the customer)
  • Responsible for solution proposal writing to prospect customers.
  • Responsible for all proposal related communication with the customer.
  • Sales Plan (Territory Planning, Market Segment Planning)
  • Account Planning (Account researching, identify interest potential)
  • Proactively Approaching Selected Leads
  • Identify Pains at prospects.
  • Executing the sales operation.
  • Amending Offerings to accommodate customer feedback.
  • Deal Negotiation and Sales deal closure for PO issuance.
  • Maintain customer relationship.
  • Collecting Customer Feedback on delivery.
  • Identifying prospect opportunities within existing customer accounts.
  • Follow-up of the invoices collection for managed customer accounts

Responsibilities Pertaining to Business Development Management

  • Market Analysis and Market segmentation: conduct detailed solution analysis to define target market segments and customer’s profiles for each solution and accordingly develop and execute appropriate go to market plans.
  • Brand Management: Planning and Maintaining Corporate Identity
  • Marketing Management: Planning Marketing Strategy and Budget across different Markets/Geographies/Verticals and Team Building/Management
  • Communications: Planning and Managing Website contents, PR, Events, Competitions, etc.
  • Content Management: Planning and Managing Videos, Demos, Brochures, Flyers, White Papers, Articles, Case Studies, Service Offerings … etc
  • Partner/Vendor Management: Planning and Managing Co-branding and Co-Marketing Initiatives with Partners and Vendors.
  • Sales Enablement: Contributing to Sales Force Enablement (Soft Skills and Knowledge of Offerings – including the development of the Marketing content at company and solutions level to be provided to the sales team and the training and enablement of the sales team).
  • Lead Generation: Developing lead generation programs and planning a System for Measuring Customer Conversions from different Marketing Campaigns Manually and Via CRM Process
  • Customer Delight: Contributing to Customer Data Verification in CRM and Creating Customer Satisfaction Programs.
  • Internal Communications: Contributing to Employee Communication Plans (Events, Seasonal Celebrations, Rewards & Certificates)
  • Coordinating with Government & IT Bodies Relations: Planning and Managing Marketing Initiatives with Official incubators, and Governmental as well as Practice and Industry Specific Framework Associations.
  • Researching potential markets.
  • Identification of recurring customer pains in each market
  • Assist Product Development Committee in defining product offerings and in setting pricing guidelines to address customer pains. and value proposition.

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