Senior Project Manager

Posted 12 months ago

Position: Senior Project Manager

Division: Commercial Division

Reports to: PMO Head


Role Objective:

Working day-to-day ensuring the success of managed BBL Projects whether external or internal projects.

Scope Management & Project Activities & Cost Planning

  1. Responsible for project initiative in precontractual/presales stages, establishing a rapport and trust with potential clients.
  2. Responsible with the help of presales specialist and/or delivery team for defining the solution (customization and tailoring of our service offerings in relation to the prospect customer).
  3. Responsible for solution proposal writing (solutioning) to prospect customers and/or reviewing and monitoring of presales/technical activities performed by delivery team.
  4. Responsible for all technical proposal related communication with the customer with the cooperation or relevant stakeholders or SMEs.
  5. Define the scope of the project in collaboration with stakeholders and create a single masterplan for all active projects under their direct management.
  6. Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project
  7. Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project.
  8. Develop a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities
  9. Review the project schedule with senior management and all other staff that will be affected by the project activities; revise the schedule as required
  10. Ensure scope creep or project objective deviations are reported and approved by management or proceeded under change management procedures.


Staffing & Implementation, Monitoring and Status reporting of Project Status

  1. Responsible for Project staffing SOP
  2. Ensure that all project staff receive an appropriate orientation to the project
  3. Monitor the daily project progress ensuring commitment to the planned effort and budget.
  4. Manage project staff according to the established policies and practices.
  5. Ensures that all project deliveries have undergone through the review cycles prior to client delivery
  6. Ensure the negative project risks are identified and an appropriate risk response strategy is formulated
  7. Execute the project according to the project plan
  8. Assess the performance of the delivery team members in each managed project.
  9. Ensure allocated staff are utilized according to the minimum utilization targets and within overall project budget.


Efficient Project Documentation

  1. Develop forms and records to document project activities
  2. Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured on BBL’s file server RMT.
  3. Monitor the progress of the project and adjust as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project
  4. Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders on the progress of the project and respond to clients inquires, as needed.
  5. Review or delegate (ensuring completion) of the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the project standards


Project Performance Assessment

  1. Responsible for calculating and reporting monthly key performance indicators pertaining to planning accuracy, team commitment, operational efficiency, quality of delivery, team members performance
  2. Ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality
  3. Evaluate the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase


Quality Assurance & Operational Optimization

  1. Working closely with Operational Excellence team, ensuring managed projects fully adheres to the defined SOPs.
  2. Responsible for conflict management; analysis and resolution for all received customer complaints or feedback on a specific work teams, projects and formulate a root cause analysis of the specific problem on hand guided by measurable evidence and formulates an improvement action plan to share with management.


Project Cost Management

  1. Responsible for Project Cost Management, Monitoring and Analysis
  2. Responsible for ensuring that project overall cost does not exceed the allocated budget
  3. Responsible for reducing delivery/direct operational costs without adversely impacting the client experience, decisions for cost reduction should be financially analyzed and may include, for example; Staff reallocations, Project Activities re-planning, Change Management Process Initiation and Change of software used internally by BBL or used for client’s projects (if it cost is bared by BBL)
  4. Responsible for monthly cost reporting ensuring commitment to the budget for each project or initiative.
  5. Responsible for project team accurate and timely status update, effort(cost) claims.


Client Relationship Management & Client Satisfaction

  1. Responsible for customer communications, correspondence and status updates for managed projects.
  2. Responsible for prompt planning and delivery communication with the clients.
  3. Assess customer feedback received through regular feedback surveying processes conducted by commercial/support or management team and make necessary improvements to the project.
  4. Identification of project risks, recurring customer pains and working on resolution pertaining to delivery dimensions (time, quality and budget).


Required Certifications and Professional Development Qualifications

The following certifications are a must

  • PMP Certification
  • Prince2 -Practitioner Level

Required experience and qualifications:

  • Minimum 15 years of experience at reputable business service organization(s) as PM in software/ professional services industry.


Career Development Path


PMO Head Perquisites:

  • PMP or Prince2 Practitioner Certified
  • Four successful project track records in BBL.
  • Minimum One year in the role of PM at BBL

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