BA102- Agile Business Analysis 

Agile Business Analysis provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding and applying practices and techniques from the
Requirements Engineering discipline in agile development processes as well as understanding
and applying concepts, techniques and essential process elements of agile approaches in
Requirements Engineering processes.

Agile Business Analysis prepares attendees to sit for the Agile Primer lifetime certification part of IREB® Comprehensive Requirements Engineering Certification Concept. Certificate holders with Requirements Engineering knowledge will be able to work in agile environments, whilst agile professionals will be able to apply proven Requirements Engineering practices and techniques within agile projects.


Agile Business Analysis course is delivered in classroom at Cairo Egypt and available as online training as well.

The course is accredited by the IREB for the [email protected] Primer Certification and is designed to give the Business Analyst the skills needed to successfully elicit, anticipate, analyze, validate and champion requirements throughout an Agile project with reliance on high levels of adaptability, communication, progressive elaboration and stakeholders’ collaboration.


The course will describe the most popular Agile approaches to take the Agile Business Analyst through the phases of an Agile project.

It ensures extensive practice by attendees for gaining practical experience throughout the training.


Detailed Course Content

  • The Holistic View of the Business
  • The Agile BA role in relation to mission and business objectives.
  • How to analyze the business environment
  • Measuring the success of implementing change
  • The Agile Landscape What is Agile?
  • Approaches and frameworks
  • Why is Agile needed?
  • Role and responsibilities of the Agile BA and Agile team Stakeholders Stakeholder types
  • Empowerment of Stakeholders in an Agile project Dealing with Requirements
  • The Agile approach to requirements User Stories, Epics, Acceptance Criteria The Agile Business Analyst’s link to quality and testing
  • The Agile Requirements Life Cycle Checking completeness
  • The Agile Business Case Strategic and project business cases Understanding the business problem As Is, To Be, Abstraction Gap Analysis and Value Streams
  • The Role of Facilitation Workshops in Agile
  • Workshop Prioritization Combining and prioritizing requirements
  • Customer perception, Requirements Modelling and prototyping


Who Should Attend?

Those involved in business analysis within an Agile project, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners and business representatives
  • Project Managers
  • Developers and Testers in Agile teams

Training Course Duration

Total Course Duration is 16 hours delivered in two full-days at Dusit Hotel, New Cairo.

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