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Outsourcing Services

We offer outsourcing services for organizations seeking certain activities to be
preformed but do not need long-term hires.

Outsourcing has several advantages;

  1. Your team continue to focus on the operations and core business activities while our outsourced staff will help with specific tasks or initiatives requiring different skillsets.
  2. Acquire the talents and expertise your business needs instantaneously.
  3. Reduce your fixed costs and ultimately bottom line with flexible monthly, weekly and daily outsourcing options.
  4. Reducing Risk by involving external members with different experiences to your team will introduce new ideas and stir stagnant waters in the organization.

The following list of activities are available.

  • Business Analysis
  • BI Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Integration Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Design
  • Testing
  • Project Management