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What is Business Analysis ?

While textbooks host a wide variety of definitions for Business Analysis, we believe that Business Analysis is simply ” the discipline by which organization get full clarity on their businesses which often leads to improvement”

Business Borderlines Training will help you in :

In Business Borderlines, our courses us a coaching model, you will learn business analysis not only from an instructor led manner but through real projects assignments, performing tasks and learning techniques in your domain of business, you will setup a requirements repository and learn how to use Requirements Management Applications for maximum reusability.

Business Analysis Foundation

Agile Business Analysis

Business Analysis Mastery

Business Process Modeling

Business Analysis Strategy

International Diploma of Business Analysis

Course NameCourse CodeContact HoursVenueMarch & April 2020
Business Analysis Foundation BA10124 Hours- 3 DaysTriumph Hotel, New CairoFrom 6th of June to 20th of June 2020 On Saturdays
Agile Business Analysis BA10216 Hours – 2 DaysTriumph Hotel, New CairoSunday 14th June 2020
Sunday 21st June 2020
Business Analysis MasteryBA10335 Hours – 5 DaysTriumph Hotel, New Cairo7,8,9,10,11 of June 2020
Business Process ModelingBA20216 Hours – 2 DaysTriumph Hotel, New CairoTuesday 16th of June 2020
Tuesday 23rd of June 2020
Business Analysis StrategyBA30324 Hours- 3 DaysTriumph Hotel, New CairoFrom 18th of June to 2nd of July 2020 On Thuresday
International Diploma of Business Analysis 74 HourTriumph Hotel, New Cairo15,17,22,24,29 June 2020
1,6,8,13,15 July 2020
Wednesdays & Mondays