With the increase of both software complexity and business dependency on technology, the success of any organization is highly reliant on effective analysis of the business and direction of Technology to serve the business objectives, goals, through successful strategies; effective business processes and efficient software solutions delivery. This is the main role of Business Analysis. When business needs, solution requirements are ambiguous, conflicted or too broad, they are developed incorrectly, inaccurately tested, and poorly managed. Consequently, technology delivery plans are deviated, business opportunities are lost while rework, time and cost have increased. We understand the practical challenges of delivering IT/Software Projects and the risks of undergoing a business transformation project. 

We work on identifying your business needs and crystallization of these business needs and change strategies into cost effective business solutions ..

Business Borderlines is the leading BAaaS Provider in Egypt and The Middle East. 

With almost twenty years of experience in Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement, Software Implementation and Delivery and Solutions Design our team of Certified Business Architects, Business Analysts will work closely with your executive teams, business stakeholders, IT department and vendors to fully ensure Technology is serving your business goals.

Because we understand the pains and delays caused by deploying Technology in business, our role is to relief this burden.

We are particularly specialized and armed with extensive experience and knowledge in particular business sectors;

Our Services Spectrum Includes

Quality Management Services

Strategy Analysis

  • Strategy Analysis.

Enterprise Architecture Services

  • Data Architecture.
  • Information Systems Architecture.

RFP & Solution Evaluation

  • Solution Evaluation.
  • RFI, RFQ, RFP Preparation.

Business Process Improvement Services

  • Business Process Definition
  • Business Process Analysis.
  • Business Process Re-engineering

Corporate & Public Training Services

Our Mission, Strategy and Values

Our Mission

Reducing Preventable Businesses and Projects Failure through Premium Quality BAaaS

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is simple. We believe that through BAaaS,
we can assist organizations continuously develop their Enterprise Architecture seamless cost-effective improvements in business,
data and information systems.


1. Exceptional High-quality of provided services
2. Keeping it simple, complexity leads to chaos.
3.Our Clients are our long term Partners.
4.Our value as an organization is the collective value of our team.
5.We integrate honesty, transparency, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our functioning.
6.People, Processes, and Knowledge are the unlockers of Business Mastery.

Our Network of Customers & Business Partners