Quality Management

Our methodology is based on the assessment of business enablers.

Our quality management services span across all the primary enablers of business from business policies, technology, business operations, data to human capital and organizational culture. These assessment services are intended to support business leader’s decision-making process in implementing new changes towards operational excellence and profit increase. Whether you need testing services for an existing solution in your company or a new software package, or an overall software evaluation study to compare against several options, we analyze everything;

Quality Management Practices

Test Cases Preparation

A TEST CASE is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system under test satisfies requirements or works correctly.
The process of developing test cases can also help find problems in the requirements or

Functional Testing

FUNCTIONAL TESTING is a type of software testing whereby the system is tested against the functional requirements/specifications.
Functions (or features) are tested by feeding them input and examining the output.
Functional testing ensures that the requirements are properly satisfied by the application

Integration Testing

Testing performed to expose defects in the interfaces and in the interactions between integrated components or systems. See also component integration testing, system integration testing.
Testing performed to expose defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components.

Application Documentation

In software product development, documentation is the information that describes the product to its users. It consists of the product technical manuals and online information (including online versions of the technical manuals and help facility descriptions). The term is also sometimes used to mean the source information about the product contained in design documents, detailed code comments, white papers, and blackboard session note.

Usability Testing

defined as a type of software testing where, a small set of target end-users, of a software system, “use” it to expose usability defects.
This testing mainly focuses on the user’s ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and the ability of the system to meet its objectives. It is also called User Experience (UX) Testing.

Performance Testing

Performance metrics commonly include:
how many units of information a system processes over a specified time;
the working storage space available to a processor or workload ;the amount of time that elapses between a user-entered request and the start of a system’s response to that request;
the volume of data per second that can move between workloads, usually across a network.