Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

BBL Offers a standardized out of the box Senior Management Team Reporting Analytics Kit relying on their long experience in business analytics.

We have established a team of highly experienced Business Analytics specialists who also perform custom business analysis, data analysis, and visualization to cater to the special reporting and analytical needs of each organization.
We are an expert in defining the business needs and designing and implementing BI solutions and have also developed out-of-the-box dashboards based on our experience in different verticals.

Our Analysis Toolkit Includes

  • Comprehensive business needs and requirements analysis
  • Standard SMT Reporting Kit covers; (Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics. ,Predictive Analytics ,Prescriptive Analytics)
  • Simulation prior to execution “Prototyping”
  • Identification of data sources.
  • Setup of users and groups, access control policies and security settings
  • Implementation of custom reporting requirements.
  • Creation of centralized business rules for unified enterprise-wide calculations across the different DataMarts.
  • Setup of dedicated search UI and saved searches.
  • Integration with LDAP or Windows Active Directory
  • Acceptance testing of the overall BI Solution.
  • Comprehensive administrator and user training
  • Annual Support

Advanced Implementation Service

For advanced business analytics solutions, we can provide the following Implementation Services:

  • Data Collection from data sources and data cleansing using ETLs.
  • Data Modeling and Data Warehouse design
  • Data processing and aggregations

Solution benefits

  • Real-time Business Visibility
  • Fact-driven decision making.
  • Eliminate miscommunication and misinterpretation across different departments through a Unified view of actual data, standardized Business Rules and calculations enterprise wide.
  • Eliminate resources time consumed in traditional reporting activities
  • Automated detection of poor-quality data and corrective actions to fix root causes.
  • Manage your business anywhere, anytime with matchless Modularity, Scalability, Security and Team collaboration.
  • Real Time Performance Monitoring.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration.
  • Reduce cost through automation of reporting and analytics needs.

User-Training Workshops

  • Introduction to BI and Cognos Functionality
  • Accessing the solution from Web browsers and apps
  • Power users and reports design
  • Applying permissions
  • Using notifications and scheduled reports/dashboards generation.

Training Workshops

The analysis team will deliver training workshops on site or, in some cases, remotely.

We can adapt or develop a workshop to meet your specific needs.

Administrator Training Workshops

  • Solution architecture overview
  • Account management
  • Data Warehouse Structure
  • Access & configuration policies
  • Basic customizations and troubleshooting
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization