Message from the founder

In August 2015, the idea of establishing the home of business analysis, aka Business Borderlines, came to life. The establishment procedures began on the 1st of September 2015 with my seed investment, without borrowing or considering investors.


The idea behind establishing Business Borderlines was driven by my profound belief that the majority of Business Transformation Initiatives’ failures were due to the lack of poor business analysis practices. Business Analysis phase was often regarded as unnecessary, and consequently unserved well or entirely skipped. I knew from twenty years of experience as a business analyst that it is not possible to build or acquire new software applications without having full visibility on your business and refining that vision first.

During 2016, the focus was on building robust foundation for execution and assessing the market viability of our services.

The following year Business Borderlines established a good market reputation. We worked with large corporations and helped them achieve their goals and objectives within scope, time, and financial constraints.


In 2018, we begin to scale-up beyond my apprehension. It was time to be selective about who do we serve and how do we maximize the value to our customer base.  Since then, our repeat business percentage has kept on increasing and we only acquire a few new accounts every year.

BBL became a learning organization, fast-paced, highly dynamic; learning and innovation is what ensures our competitiveness. Calibers as well as business partners who have the same stamina were attracted to this vision.

We have been operating now for six years, our business has doubled and now tripling year after year as we build strong competencies, practices and profound roots in the professional services industry.
We have offered highly specialized business analysis and enterprise architecture services across a variety of industries with in-depth expertise in each field.



Our services have spanned across; 
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Kuwait
  • KSA
  • Oman
  • Sudan
  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
Our wealth of experience is a force to be reckoned with a portfolio of 25,000 days of consulting experience.
We have served seventy customers
Our Trainees are on the right track to be amongst the best BAs in the industry and some of them already made the cut. With a total of 500+ Trainees




Each organization we work with differs in terms of change drivers, size, priorities, structure, roles, processes, challenges and many other factors; that’s why our approach is remodelled and contextualised appropriately to your needs. We aim to guide you through your growth and transformation journey through a collaborative partnership.
Our goal is to help businesses confront change head-on so that they can deliver their end-customers with faster and higher value.

Through practical experience, we know how to reduce software project failure rates. We do our best to provide coaching and consulting services to help businesses to drive performance – helping businesses reduce waste, risk, and costs and build collaboration, innovation, and quality.