Business Transformation

The transformation journey from business model (strategy) to execution.
• Overview of transformation strategy, business model design, and innovation for reaching the targeted business & digital capabilities.
• The pressure to innovate is so high, that according to the CEO of Cisco Systems, 40% of today’s businesses will fail in the next ten years, and only 30% of those attempting to transform themselves digitally will succeed. 


Course Objective

Transformation enablement programmes are temporary structures used by organizations to lead investments in change. Multiple organizational objectives may be served by the investment. The scope of a transformation enablement programme often includes more than one objective.

Common objectives include:

1.Overall understanding the transformation journey.
2.Understanding the activities performed in each phase of the transformation journey.
3.Emphasis on the preparation and design for execution, the bridge between strategy and successfully executed transformation.

Training Agenda

  • Total course duration 21 hours
  • Weekend Round through 3 full Saturdays.
  • Weekday across 4 sessions during weekdays

Target Audience

Software Professionals

  • Delivery and Technical Managers
  • Product Managers,
  • Projects Managers and scrum masters.
  • Systems and Applications’ Architects,
  • Design and Development Teams.
  • Testing, Support, Integration, and Quality Assurance

Management, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

  • Business and Technology Operations Support.
  • Implementations professionals.
  • Director-Level and Executive Management
  • Enterprisers and Business Owners
  • Overview on different transformation perspectives.
  • In-depth understanding of value proposition in a digital marketplace
  • Measuring and evaluating the strategy management for digital
  • Developing Digital Business Models with Design Thinking and Lean Startup
  • Designing an execution plan for Digital Transformation.
  • Understand the digital maturity model and digital capabilities
  • Understand how customer behavior can drive transformation.
  • Identify the channels to increase the digital reach.
  • Orchestration of large transformative change across enterprises.
  • Seamlessly Integrating the physical and digital experience
  • Agile Architectures Development and Governance