Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence (TDD) is a structured and comprehensive assessment of an enterprise’s technical infrastructure and architecture, software products, processes and IT employees.
TDD is performed prior to M&A (Merger & acquisition), venture capital financing, or fundraising rounds to analyze the technical state and identify possible risks of a business.
TDD is a forward-looking process. A proper TDD assessment is significantly more than a snapshot evaluation of an enterprise. It evaluates the ability and capacity of the target enterprise’s technical team to deliver the technology that triggers its future growth objectives. TDD should be considered not as a test but as an opportunity to have a discussion about what lies ahead.
BBL has an extensive knowledge and experience in conducting a broad service for TDD assessment, ranging from quick scans to a full detailed, at the national and regional levels.
A BBL team of experts conducts TDD assessment process for enterprises undergoing M&A, Venture capital financing, fund raising rounds or merely performing “a health check”
In TDD assessment process, BBL assess the system through:
  • A comprehensive review of documents (such as logs, certificates, permits and maintenance documents),
  • Attend/ visit site,
  • Interview technical team/employees,
With a TDD, an enterprise will gain knowledge and technical state about its system through a thorough assessment of all existing documents and an identification of defects, poor performance and possibilities for improvement.  Our TDD report will provide you with a solid basis for price negotiations or risk sharing.