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What is Business Analysis ?

While textbooks host a wide variety of definitions for Business Analysis, we believe that Business Analysis is simply ” the discipline by which organization get full clarity on their businesses which often leads to improvement”

Business Borderlines Training will help you in :

In Business Borderlines, our courses us a coaching model, you will learn business analysis not only from an instructor led manner but through real projects assignments, performing tasks and learning techniques in your domain of business, you will setup a requirements repository and learn how to use Requirements Management Applications for maximum reusability.

Course NameCourse CodeContact Hours VenueDates
Business Analysis Foundation BA10121 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 23,25,30 of October & 1st of November 2022
Agile Business Analysis BA10216 Hours Live Online / Physical classroom 26,27,28,29 of September 2022
Business Analysis MasteryBA10340 Hours Live Online / Physical classroom 23,25,30 of October & 1,6,8,13 of November 2022
Requirements Engineering16 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 4,6,8 of September 2022
Business Process ModelingBA20216 Hours Live Online / Physical classroom 6,8,13 of November 2022
Business Analysis PracticeBA30321 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 3,5,10,12 of October 2022
BCS International Diploma of Business Analysis 74 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom From 23 of October 2022 to13 of December 2022
Data Management essential21 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 3,5,10,12 of October 2022
Data Analysis 21 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 17,19,24,26 of October 2022
Enterprise Architecture40 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 1,8,15,22,29 of October 2022
Business Change21 HoursLive Online / Physical classroom 2,4,9,11 of October 2022

Business Analysis Foundation

Learn how to analyze data through quantitative methods & make better management decisions. Strengthen your analytical skills in this course.


Agile Business Analysis

This course imparts how RE methods and techniques can advantageously be applied in agile development processes, and how techniques from the agile approach can improve the RE practice.

Business Analysis Mastery

In this course, delegates will delve into the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the business analyst. Learn effectively to select and employ elicitation, analysis and design techniques for your business.


Business Process Modeling

This training course introduces concepts of business process modeling and provides the best practice techniques, skills and methods to analyze business processes across the organization.

Business Analysis Strategy

You will be equipped with the knowledge and commercial awareness to design, articulate, communicate, and smoothly execute winning agile strategies in this course.


International Diploma of Business Analysis

Validate your knowledge, skills and capabilities with the internationally recognised BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. BBL is the exclusive training provider in Egypt for this course.

Odoo Functional Consultant & Financial Accountant

We will help you become an Odoo Functional Consultant, With our training workshop using multiple business domains and a rich repository of course-ware and videos.