A few months ago, explaining the necessity as well as urgency digital transformation projects to customers was a tiresome duty as there were many raised eyebrows around its value and ultimate return on investment. After the covid-19 outbreak, it has become self-evident that only organizations who had insights about the needs of the future have been able to significantly mitigate the risks of life’s migration on the digital world.

At Business Borderlines, we have worked with large corporations in and out of Egypt on how to navigate the digital business world by building strong digital capabilities into every aspect of their business.

Digital transformation can be a haunting undertaking, as carefully and objectively assessing your current state and the desired state you need to reach is perplexing with infinite starting points and initiative options.

AlBaraka Bank Egypt was one of the future-aware financial organizations and had contracted Business Borderlines to assess their digital maturity and formulate a robust digital transformation staratgey.

We had worked closely with the bank in every aspect of their business to identify potential improvement areas which could ensure customer experience supremacy.

Mistakes most banks in Egypt commit are seeking traditional improvements which are replicated from the competition’s experience and are neither focused on customer satisfaction and retention nor on the specific needs of the bank.

AlBaraka Bank was not only able to swiftly engage in early planning for a digital transformation journey but has also began the execution of certain prevalent initiatives such as full and seamless replacement of the core banking solution as well as many precise and focused adjustments which rollup to the position of the bank among the top banks in the private sector in the Egyptian market with the spring of 2021.