Stakeholders are the key assets for a smart Business Analyst to get the job done, these business analysis tips help you keep high Engagement with your stakeholders:

  • Plan your engagement with business stakeholders very thoroughly. Avoid contacting them whenever a question pops up in your head. This shows that you are not well planned and your analysis is unstructured.
  • Articulate your questions to elicit facts rather than opinions or conclusions. Always seek evidence of an information you have been given, without explicitly asking for evidence. Many business stakeholders confuse business facts with opinions or how a fact or data is attained. A good business analyst uses facts to make well-studied conclusions and is not restrained by the current impressions, mechanisms or processes which lead or drive a business fact.
  • Do not mix elicitation documentation with requirements documentation. Writing what the stakeholder said is not documenting requirements.
  • Requirements are the result you as a business analyst deliver as a result of analyzing all inputs (facts, business rules, concerns, data,…etc) collected from elicitations with stakeholders..