With your successful business growing, there is never enough time for certain seemingly non-urgent yet crucial improvements. As an executive leader, you need visibility, accessibility, agility and control of your business enablers; business policies, business processes, data assets and technology.

“While 42% of most projects fail and 52% challenged as over budget, late or have unsatisfactory implementation only 6% are Successful.”

Failures in I.T. Projects have a common set of traits worldwide;

1. The corporate business initiatives are led entirely by the business leader and IT executives without the involvement of a business analysis core node or involving BAs too late. This also implies the disengagement of stakeholders.

2. Early signs of miscommunication among stakeholders are overlooked.

3. Blurry “high-level” scoping which ultimately results in what we perceive as too many changes, evolving requirements or scope creep.. in reality they are legitimate results of bad scoping practices.

4. Not paying enough attention to propagate the project vision and goals to all team members. Without clear direction, the project team members are likely to derail in opposing paths.

5. Without a clear road-map and well-planned activities based on realistic attainable complete requirements , projects fall easy preys to becoming vendor or technology driven losing sight of the business it should serve.

6. Obsession with time over quality.

7. Applying a single methodology across the organization despite the unique needs of each initiative.

8. On-boarding a large project team too early.

9. IT Professionals making business decisions.

It may seem ridiculously clear but adopting best practices of Business Analysis would solve majority of the root causes (as opposing to reasons) why IT Projects are failing everyday.

Business Borderlines, is a business analysis services provider. We work with you on the critical, relatively small changes to your current architecture which have long term lasting effects on your overall business improvement, cost reduction and empowerment.

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Written by: Angie M. Eissa, CBAP, MSc BIT, UK Founder & Managing Partner of Business Borderlines